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HealthPartners wanted to create a statewide movement to increase knowledge and awareness of the lifelong impact of prenatal-to-three experiences on a child’s brain development. It was an important story to tell and they needed a name, identity and all the touchpoints for a broad public awareness campaign.

That’s where we came in.


We studied their organization. We defined the audiences. We gained insight and understanding by pointing out their distinctive differences and perceived responses. We then used the power of imagery and words to define the brand’s personality — its DNA.

What’s in a name?

Great naming isn’t just about selecting a descriptive name that says what the organization does. It’s about owning a distinct space in your consumer’s mind and exciting your target audience. Great naming is a process that culminates in achieving a name that possesses these key characteristics: memorable, emotional, ownable, brand-aligned and relatable.





Foresee The Potential.

The IMAGEHAUS Giving Program.

Since 2000, IMAGEHAUS has been committed to building a better community through a giving program based on core values of compassion, creativity, candor and courage (called the FORESEE giving program). In partnership with worthy non-profit partners, we have donated $4 million in creative services to put the power of design to work. Building brands. Creating impact. Expanding audiences and clarifying the vital messages that compel people to care, to listen and to act. Learn more about our 4C work

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