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Design Lives To Communicate

But what does it say? Every day we are bombarded by design. An endless stream of products and messages that want to tell us something. To convince us to buy, to act, to believe.

Design that truly communicates rises above the rest. It understands the audience and their needs. It makes an emotional connection. It has a single thing to say, in a voice that gets heard.

It’s not just about selling products or services anymore. Today, it’s about getting consumers to believe in them.



The first step of the DNA process is listening. We sit down to let you talk because nobody knows your business like you do. Understanding your brand and your needs is the foundation for everything to come. Through this process, we work together to describe your brand as if it were a person, with a distinct way of talking, dressing, and behaving. It helps us to better define the problem and identify the possibilities before us.



Listening leads to learning — our next step. We do our homework. We study your brand and the business. We define the audience. By pointing out your distinctive differences and perceived responses, we gain insight and understanding of your consumer. Then, we use the power of imagery and words to define your brand’s personality — or DNA.



Lastly, we lead. With our collaboration throughout the DNA process, we build a foundation for creativity that brings objectivity to the subjective process of design. From this foundation, we continue to work as a team. We tap into our talents as designers and problem solvers to design your visual and verbal identity to create a strong, consistent message that works hard — today, tomorrow, and in the future.

You don’t own your brand.

Your Customer Does

You are merely its steward. As that steward, you want to control everything you can. Take no touchpoint for granted. Each one needs to be thought through—designed to communicate the essence of your audience over time. Every experience.

You may be looking to reinvent your brand to appeal to a different audience or launch a new product or service, or you may be looking to grow your business as part of an exit strategy, or perhaps you are just looking to create more brand awareness. No matter your situation, your brand is key in the role it plays in growing your business.

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