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In 1990, MadeSmart Housewares began with the creation of the first Junk Drawer Organizer®. The founder, Devee Joy, had a clear vision—to design an organizer that worked as great as it looked. She wanted to create a permanent place to put much-needed things away easily.

By 2008, Madesmart was still creating products in line with this vision­—consistently thinking outside the ordinary with fresh designs, new materials and unique products that help millions get their lives in order and in style.

During their first 20 years, MadeSmart primarily provided product for private label. But as the economic environment changed, retailers were not as interested in private label opportunities. However, the years of providing product for licensing left the MadeSmart brand without a voice of its own. They found their existing branding was not in-line with who they were currently as a company and where they wanted to go in the future.

That’s where we came in.


We studied their brand and the business. We defined the audience. We gained insight and understanding of the consumer by pointing out their distinctive differences and perceived responses. We then used the power of imagery and words to define the brand’s personality — its DNA.

What was your measurement for success? 

Client: The redesign of the MadeSmart brand and identity has had a large positive financial impact on our business. The old branding and packaging required photo shoots and thus continuous updating. Additionally, the old design was 6-color printing. The new design has replaced the photos with informative yet fun copy and is only 2-color printing.

This new design has saved MadeSmart 26%, or $50,000, in printing costs annually and photo shoot expenses.

Inviting. Confident. Empowering. 

The new Madesmart brand tone, humor and wit were infused into the messaging, helping take the chore out of personal organization while reflecting the new direction of the brand in a simple and updated way. The tongue in cheek approach to the messaging helped to create an emotional connection to what could be an unemotional purchase of a utility item.

What have the results/responses been to date? 

Client: The new brand refreshed not only our products look on the shelf at national retailers but it also improved our overall presence as a company, strengthening our position against our large competitors like Rubbermaid and Sterilite. Our products are just as good as OXO and the others in our category and the new branding created an improved image that allows us to level the playing field. And the retailers have been generous with anecdotal feedback regarding how they love our new identity. It puts a smile on their face, reinforcing the power of making an emotional connection.

Since our rebranding process, we have also been featured in the local press. Our owner, Devee Joy, was interviewed on TV during the 2010 Maiden Minnesota event. Devee and MadeSmart were also nominated and won a small business award from Twin Cities Business.

“We make it easy for consumers to organize their lives—so they can spend time focusing on important things.”

Devee Joy | CEO/Founder, Madesmart


AIGA MN Design Show, 2011


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