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Manitoba Harvest is a pioneer in the manufacturing and distribution of branded, hemp-based foods and hemp-based ingredients. Their products are the fastest growing in the hemp food market and are among the fastest growing in the entire natural foods industry. Pretty impressive huh?

With their rapid growth and consumer love, they needed a nimble design agency that could create brand consistency, presence and engagement.

 That’s why they chose us. YEAH.

And went to work. We did.

In collaboration with the Manitoba Harvest marketing teams in the U.S. and Canada, we went to work. Creating 150+ projects, 51 packaged goods designs, 200+ digital ads, a B2B wholesale website and sales support materials. Each was designed to reflect the Manitoba Harvest brand spirit of healthy, honest and purposeful to emotionally connect with new customers.

From new product launches to package design. Digital and print ad campaigns to print collateral and small but mighty coupons. Each piece helped introduce the U.S. to HEMP YEAH! and strengthen the Manitoba Harvest brand presence.

Introducing HEMP YEAH!

And, when they wanted to launch HEMP YEAH!, already a huge success in Canada, in the U.S., guess who they turned to? You got it. IMAGEHAUS.

The Hemp Bliss makeover

In true collaborative style, we continue to strategically and emotionally connect the Manitoba Harvest spirit with its target audiences. Especially in bringing a new, consistent package design to the much-loved HEMP BLISS beverage to really stand out on the shelf.

Standing out by working together

Our brand asset management and strategically-sound design continues to be a core component of Manitoba Harvest’s distinction in the industry. And, our partnership is a true testament to our collaborative spirit.

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