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The Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra was founded in 1993 by Kevin Ford, a gay man who had a vision of a gay and lesbian orchestra that would build community and fellowship through the performance of classical music. Today, the Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra includes players from a wide variety of backgrounds and orientations who share a commitment to inclusivity, nondiscrimination, and to the performance of works by underrepresented composers.

For more than a decade, IMAGEHAUS has worked with the Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra to help them become an instrumental voice for the LGBTQA community. Over the years, we helped them refine their brand and promote their concerts by creating a conceptual theme for their shows with the ultimate goal of creating interest and increasing attendance. Our contribution consisted of creating posters, digital ads, and program covers.

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The IMAGEHAUS Giving Program.

Since 2000, IMAGEHAUS has been committed to building a better community through a giving program based on core values of compassion, creativity, candor and courage (called the FORESEE giving program). In partnership with worthy non-profit partners, we have donated $4 million in creative services to put the power of design to work. Building brands. Creating impact. Expanding audiences and clarifying the vital messages that compel people to care, to listen and to act. Learn more about our 4C work

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A Dark(er) & Stormy(er) Night Poster:

HOW International Design Annual, April 2009

Print Regional Design Annual, 2008


Award Shows

A Dark(er) & Stormy(er) Night Poster:

AdFed’s The Show, 2008

Hail to the Queens Poster:

AIGA MN Design Show, 2007

American Graphic Design Awards, 2007

AdFed’s The Show, 2007

Al-mostly Mozart Poster:

American Graphic Design Awards, 2007

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