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Seeking to reinvent the troubled North Minneapolis neighborhood as a growing and vibrant community, the West Broadway Business Coalition contacted IMAGEHAUS for help.

Faced with the challenge of years of bad press and a focus on negative events, we saw an opportunity to help revitalize an up and coming neighborhood. Hungry for change and sharing their side of the story, the West Broadway Business Coalition needed to put their best foot forward.

That’s where we came in.

As North Minneapolis is a historic location, we first researched the area and its past. We found a storied history of success and decline, stability and turmoil, but above all a sense of pride.

While changing external opinions were very important, we focused first on developing a brand of which locals could be proud of. We believe a brand is activated best by those that live it, and that no one knew themselves better than the residents of North Minneapolis.

We provided a visual branding set with a tribal mindset. The logo and associated items could be used as identifying items such as bumper stickers, shirts, and neighborhood rally points. Through these considerations, we provided the residents and businesses of North Minneapolis a point of pride in which to come together.


We studied their brand and the business. We defined the audience. We gained insight and understanding of the consumer by pointing out their distinctive differences and perceived responses. We then used the power of imagery and words to define the brand’s personality — its DNA.

Brand Tone

We are more than faces, ethnicities and faiths. More than assumptions of those who pass by. We are a community. Moving and growing at an unconventional beat. Writing the rhythm in our hearts. Regenerating. Rebuilding. Renewing.

We are the hands behind our intentions. Calloused by a hard day’s work. We are many minds. Hungry for new ideas.

We move forward. Using our differences to build and create. Strengthening our core as a community. With every adversity and triumph.

We are of different pasts and presents – paths and futures. All working together.

We are a place like no other. North of expected.

We are North Minneapolis. And we are proud to call it “home”.

Foresee The Potential.

The IMAGEHAUS Giving Program.

Since 2000, IMAGEHAUS has been committed to building a better community through a giving program based on core values of compassion, creativity, candor and courage (called the FORESEE giving program). In partnership with worthy non-profit partners, we have donated $4 million in creative services to put the power of design to work. Building brands. Creating impact. Expanding audiences and clarifying the vital messages that compel people to care, to listen and to act. Learn more about our 4C work

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