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IMAGEHAUS Sweet Sixteen

The Coming of Age

This year marks the Sweet 16 of my baby, IMAGEHAUS. It’s THE coming-of-year age where this design firm transitions into adulthood—without losing our childlike curiosity. This whole coming of age idea, quite honestly, scares me more than the idea that I’ve also crept one year closer to this half-a-century mark:… Read More

Baby Monster

IMAGEHAUS, The Birth of a Baby Monster 

Today marks the day that I gave birth to my baby monster 15 years ago. Yes, it’s true, many a time I have referred to IMAGEHAUS as my baby monster. Why, you ask? Because for 15 years it has needed my constant care and attention, and the baby monster is… Read More


A Dream Realized

I am honored and humbled to see IMAGEHAUS listed on the acknowledgement wall, not once but twice, at The Aliveness Project. Recently, I had a long-overdue tour of the remodeled facility by the lovely Tim Marburger, director of fundraising and special events. Around each corner was another surprise, the place was clean and bright,… Read More

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