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FIGO helps pet parents and their pet companions live happier and healthier lives by providing simple and innovative pet insurance — which means more pets get better protection when they need it most.

FIGO came to IMAGEHAUS looking to launch a unique and compelling brand for a new pet insurance provider that employs the latest technology to give policyholders peace of mind.

FIGO Pet Insurance Logo
Different Iterations of the FIGO Logo Modular Variable
Dog Bone Graphic
FIGO Pet Insurance Multimedia

“The entire process was impressive and fascinating to watch unfold. IMAGEHAUS took us from concept to brand. They gave us our name, logo, and voice which set the tone and foundation for everything our brand represents today.” 

Rusty Sproat | CEO/Founder, FIGO Pet Insurance

FIGO Pet Insurance Fish Pattern Graphic
FIGO Pet Insurance Photography and Collateral Items
FIGO Pet Insurance App Graphic
FIGO Pet Insurance Brand Dog Bowl
FIFO Pet Insurance Letterhead Business Card Envelope
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