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Born and raised in Portugal and traveling between there and Minneapolis, Minnesota, Isabel combines the vernacular of these two locations into her product and food culture photography. The people, colors, scenery, and food of Portugal are combined with her experiences of living in the United States during her pursuit of a formal education in photography.

Isabel came to IMAGEHAUS looking for a brand that represented her fun, Portuguese heritage in a clean modern look. She also needed a website to show her portfolio of work.

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Isabel Subtil Photography Logo
Photography of Fish and Vegetables
Photo of Soups
Mockup of Isabel Subtil Photography's Website
Top Down Photo of Fondue
Isabel Subtil Photography Image Board
Blueberry and Strawberry Pancakes

“I was hired by IMAGEHAUS for some photography projects and was most impressed with the entire team. So much so, that I hired them to help me with my brand and identity re-design. They are detailed, professional, strategic, creative, respectful, and energetic. They are great teachers. They listen and have been so supportive by helping me express my vision.”

Isabel Subtil | Photographer

Mockup of Isabel Subtil Photography's Website
Top Down Photo of Soup
Isabel Subtil Photography
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