Although they have come and gone to different cities, leagues, and management, the St. Paul Saints have been a part of the St. Paul, aka Pig’s Eye, landscape since 1894. The current incarnation of the Saints started in 1993, leaving the Northern League in 2005 to start the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball.

In 2015, CHS Field was built to house the Saints. This new complex has a clean, modern aesthetic and is somewhat detached from the more traditional baseball identity that the Saints currently had.

The American Association All-Star Game was held at CHS Field in August 2016, and the Saints came to us with two goals in mind: create an all-star game identity that would promote the City of St. Paul, the Saints, and the new style of CHS Field, as well as being able to take out part of this new identity as a stand-alone alternative logo for the team. Something that would bring together the traditions of St. Paul and the Saints of the past with the new visual direction of their current home.