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The Minnesota Jewish Theatre began in 1994 and has become nationally recognized as the preeminent independent professional theater in the United States rooted in Jewish history and culture. The idea of creating a theater for the community — Jewish and non-Jewish alike — would learn to share and find the richness in each other’s diversity.

Our assignment was to audit the current brand to see if there is a better way to connect the organization’s overall strategy that would better support the future growth of the theater by allowing it to diversify and broaden its reach of theatergoers in our community.

That’s where we came in.


What does ‘Six Points’ mean? It’s a representation of the Star [of David] and connects to the theater’s six core values integral to their work. The values are Integrity, Artistic Excellence, Trust, Innovation, Stewardship, Tikkun Olam, a concept in Judaism that means “repair the world.”

Let the show begin!

The work below demonstrates the brand at work as we extended it into the 2021-22 Season performances.

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