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It’s no secret that we are huge advocates for those who go unrecognized for their achievements. That’s why working with Dunn Brothers Coffee, in partnership with Café Imports, on their Women Coffee Producers Collection was such a gratifying experience.

Women Coffee Producers Collection Logo
Dunn Brothers Coffee Women Coffee Producers Collection Poster

A little badass attitude

Stylistically, the logo mark is inspired by a juxtaposition of traditional tattoos and a woman’s hand to symbolize strength and hard work. We wanted it to be feminine but also be a little badass, not soft and frilly.

Dunn Brothers Coffee Women's Campaign Coffee Cup
Dunn Brothers Coffee Women Coffee Producers Collection Identity Lockup
Coffee Bag detail
Dunn Brothers Coffee Women Coffee Producers Collection Pin
Logo for Women Coffee Producers Campaign
Women coffee producers campaign shirt design

Empowerment is the Point of sale point


Our poster design uses the female sign as a symbol of empowerment, while the imagery of the coffee plant, flower and bean form a symbol to create a layered effect.

We kept the colors muted for cohesiveness and illustrated the different elements with imperfections and texture to match the hand-drawn vibe of the hand illustration.


Dunn Brothers Coffee Women Coffee Producers Collection Posters Repeating
Women Coffee Producers Campaign Poster

Our hard work honors theirs

While facing inequality and hardships within the coffee industry, programs like this help empower women who work in many facets of the coffee supply chain worldwide. This collection is also associated with AMACA (Association de Mujeres Productoras Agropecuarias) which is a collective made up of 140 female producers.

Head over to your local Dunn Brothers to show your support. This collection will truly give you a taste of the hard work women put into these selected coffees day in and day out.

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