Obviously, I did not coin that phrase, but a true collaborative spirit has been helping this IMAGEHAUS dream work for nearly 20 years. And with baseball season upon us, the St. Paul Saints are one timely, always fun example of a long-term relationship built on teamwork.

History is homerun bound (yep, I did a baseball pun there didn’t I?)

Along with the season opener this Thursday, May 16, the Saints are also debuting their new 2000+ square foot City of Baseball Museum. The museum pays homage not only to the history of American’s favorite past time but also brings to life the many stories that have made St. Paul the place where baseball dreams come true.

Why is this significant? Well, when the Saints came to IMAGEHAUS again to bring that history to life in their 2019 American Association All-Star Game identity, we said, “we’re in.” With conceptual themes in nostalgia, service and spirit, we landed on service. The identity is inspired by the city’s flag while it pays tribute to St. Paul’s baseball history.

Design notes from the dugout (oops, I did it again)

The logo, in the shape of a baseball field, takes its lead from the Saint Paul flag. It incorporates the blue, representing the Mississippi River; gold which is symbolic of the future and red which refers to progress and the spirit of the city.

The “A” in “Star” is replaced by a five-pointed blue star, similar to the star in the Saint Paul flag that represents the “Star of the North.” In the middle of the logo is a red shield, representative of the civic shield found in the flag.

In the middle of the shield is a winged baseball, reminiscent of the winged wheel in the flag. The winged wheel indicates Saint Paul’s position as a transportation hub, or in this case, Saint Paul’s position as “The City of Baseball.”

Teamwork, makes the dream work and keep on working.

We’ve been partnering with the Saints in strategic design since 2011 on a variety of projects of all different scales. See the 2016 All-Star Game identity (starring, hint: oink, oink). It’s always fun, pushes our thinking and, above all, is collaborative. Win. Win.

Go Saints.