Everyone has experienced the aggravation that comes along with inferior product and service design. It only takes a brief trip down memory lane to recall one’s last run-in with a USB plug; always lucky on the third try, right? Many people have rushed through the airport, clothes rumpled and probably still in need of lunch, in a valiant struggle to make a connecting flight– and does anyone even need to touch on the exhaust port on the Death Star in Star Wars?

When someone takes the time to imagine design, they’ll likely think of many things; and those things will be probably all center around how something looks. Factors like color, typography, logo, and packaging are all critical elements in the design process, but they’re far from everything. 

Good design is about much more than making products attractive to the consumer. Good design is not just how something looks — it is a way of thinking. 

Cannaprime packaging concepts

Design is a creative process driven and bolstered by the desire of individuals and companies alike to do better. It’s critical to better understanding consumer needs and making strides to meet them; the design is at the center of the creation of better products and services. So, why exactly is good design imperative for CBD products?

Recent strides towards the legalization of cannabis have led to increasingly large populations of cannabis product users. The recent passing of the Farm Bill, which legalized hemp, has led to rapid growth within the CBD industry. 

Any market displaying the telltale signs of new growth is prone to artificial companies. These businesses crawl out of the woodwork to take advantage of developing sectors and make a quick buck off of hype and a lack of consumer awareness. Brands like these seek to enter the market as quickly as possible; no concern is given to quality or safety.

The cannabis industry– particularly as it relates to CBD– is teeming with poorly-made products. These products are manufactured under the lowest possible standards; some even contain synthetics that have been proven dangerous for human consumption. The companies behind hazardous practices like these manage to single-handedly brand an entire market with skepticism and mistrust, thus calling into question its validity.

Shepherding Honesty

Design is how brands express and craft the end-to-end customer experience as it relates to a product or service. Good design is based on principles that foster better practices, sustainability, and responsibility. The fact of the matter is this: good design means better, safer, and more responsible products. 

But there’s something else that good design helps drive; some may say that it’s the most crucial benefit of all. That benefit is competition. Competition is critical to the consumer experience. One only needs to look at a retail giant like Apple to see the truth in this. Apple is often the first example that comes to mind when someone thinks of good design.

Apple was able to single-handedly disrupt an entire industry and shape the way that the world looks today — decades after the company’s inception. Through innovative packaging and design, Apple managed to change the company-consumer relationship forever.

This is why consumers — not wallets must drive the cannabidiol industry. The achievement of this goal hinges on the principles of good design. Good design not only encourages healthy CBD regulation; it contributes to an increase in the standards for how CBD must be extracted.

The thoughtful and purposeful design will ultimately play a key role in creating healthier CBD products that allow everyone to enjoy all the benefits CBD offers.

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