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Pick Your Moment. Make a change.

At what moment does change happen? At what moment do we make change happen? The obvious answer to the latter is New Year’s Eve. It’s already picked for us to resolve to make a change. So we jump on the change-wagon and decide to lose weight, gain muscle, start fresh… Read More


Print is Dead. Long live Print.

It’s a fact. We all take print for granted. After all, it’s been the world’s number one communication medium for so long we tend to overlook its impact and power. That oversight can be fatal to a marketing campaign, product launch or branding initiative that is trying to connect with… Read More

gift cards

What does your gift card really say?

Over the years, gift cards have become a staple for most retailers. People love giving them, getting them and using them. They have become more and more customized and utilized…as incentives, bonus gifts and marketing tools.But, is your gift card program working as hard as it can for you? What… Read More


Why branding is big for small business

Most small business owners dedicate portions of their budgets as promotional expenditures. But they often don’t understand the importance of branding their products – and their businesses – in all of their promotional efforts. They often succeed in either gaining new customers or retaining current customers, but not both. Why?… Read More

Tin Can

Socialnomics, the new frontier?

When it comes to change, the online world is often the first to adapt. As a matter of comparison, look at the progression of traditional businesses over the last century. The physical store model still exists, big-box retailers are still using the same basic store design, and distribution networks, while… Read More


Brand the Experience. Experience the Brand.

Brands with that “stand-apart appeal” don’t just happen. They’re built, one experience at a time. And every touchpoint you have with your customer is an opportunity to make an impression and create an experience. One essential way to make an impression is through your digital experience—a.k.a. your website. And, with… Read More


The More of Less

We’ve all been there. Standing amidst a sea of choices for something as simple as hand soap. Anti-bacterial or antimicrobial? Foamy or liquid? Lavender or sun-kissed orange? Dermatologist tested or kid friendly? There are so many options, your brain starts to short-circuit a bit. Customer choice has long been a… Read More

Value Monster

Why are we all screaming value?

Times are tough and the need to focus on value is evident. But it’s the interpretation of the meaning of value that has me concerned. When did value only become synonymous with “cheap”? Let’s step back and look at the true meaning of value as it relates to your customer. Read More

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