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Based in Minnesota, Paragon Fruits has been in the business of producing, distributing and selling mangos and prickly pears across the upper half of the United States. Paragon provides their clients with natural fruit products derived from the highest quality produce.

As the company began to grow, they realized the health benefits of the prickly pear and recognized a need for a 100% natural nutraceutical beverage in the marketplace.

Thus, they created a nutraceutical formulated to ensure maximum health benefits and purity, with this knowledge and the supply of fruit at their fingertips it was time to launch their own superior superfruit nutraceutical.

As this business developed, they realized the beverage needed a name, a brand and a consistent message that could be used across all business segments.

That’s where we came in.


We studied their brand and the business. We defined the audience. We gained insight and understanding of the consumer by pointing out their distinctive differences and perceived responses. We then used the power of imagery and words to define the brand’s personality — its DNA.

Initial Naming and Packaging Concepts

Fresh. Energetic. Healthy.

The vibrant color palette chosen for the packaging serves two strategic purposes. First, the bold magenta color is meant to be eye catching and also differentiate Nochtli from other nutraceuticals on the shelf. Secondly, the color palette was directly influenced by the natural magenta color of the prickly pear and is meant to convey to the consumer that the nutraceutical inside is rich in anti-oxidant phytonutrients, which gives the juice its color and health benefits.

Centuries ago, the Aztec people built Tenochtitlan – “place of prickly pear among rocks” – based on a prophecy. Nochtli (nokt-lee) was their word for the cactus plant with its two, nutrient-rich components: succulent nopal pads and beautiful magenta prickly pear fruit. The Aztecs flourished relying on the bounty of prickly pear cacti as important sources of nutrition and support for their overall health.

“We keep hearing how attractive and eye-catching the packaging is. I’d say we hit the right balance between edgy and informative—and I can tell you this, everyone’s eyes linger on our bottles.”

Prem Padhye | Marketing Director

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