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A 38-year-old organization, Preservation Alliance of Minnesota (PAM), expanded beyond preservation into an organization that leads and inspires people to connect with historic places, promoting community vitality. They bring people together to educate, celebrate cultures and support small businesses across the country. It was time for a new name and identity that better reflected who they had become.

That’s where we came in.


We studied their brand and the business. We defined the audience.We gained insight and understanding of the consumer by pointing out their distinctive differences and perceived responses. We then used the power of imagery and words to define the brand’s personality — its DNA.


The Greek word “ethos” means the qualities and fundamental character of a culture that define communities. The prefix “re” defines the breadth of their work. They reimagine, rehabilitate, repurpose, revive, rekindle, restore, reconnect, reuse, reorganize, and even rename.  The tagline then delivers what they do – places reimagined.

“Every time I hand out my card, people are transfixed by the back. It’s a delight to share, and the colors are so happy. I feel so proud of our new identity. Good work!

“I have presented as a speaker maybe 15 times in and out of the state. Every single time, I am not kidding, at least 3 people come up to me to tell me how much they love our new branding and name. It makes me feel proud.

“I have been overwhelmed with the positivity and constant supportive comments regarding our logo and name when I share the card. We stand out now… I am incredibly happy we made the change and were so brave and innovative in our thinking. Imagehaus did a great job.

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