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The Firm is an urban workout studio that attracts people who want a great, anything-but-boring workout. It is characterized by a fun and high-energy environment and believes that beauty on the outside only compliments the beauty on the inside.

To differentiate themselves in the saturated workout studio market, they realized they needed to define and create a cohesive lifestyle fitness brand. The brand needed to appeal to, engage and inspire the diverse mix of society who come together to share their passion for health and fitness. And have a no-holds-barred great time doing it.

Additionally, The Firm needed Tribal marketing that would create social groups and communities centered around a specific service offering.

That’s where we came in.

We also turned the logo into a tribal brand symbol that has a unifying, kick @#! meaning for The FIRM’s fitness-lovin’ advocates to display proudly on wearables, car window decals, etc.

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