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Elea Healy

ELEA HEALY is a 100% women-owned full-service design and construction firm that coordinates and guides remodeling projects of all scales. Our assignment was to launch a brand that positions a male-dominated industry with a new approach to getting things done while connecting to the idea of the name back to… Read More


Mama’s Garden

Mothers are extraordinary. Their greatest gift is life. But a mother’s job is everlasting, as they continue to nurture and protect us as we grow. A mother cannabis plant is no different. They are vital for ensuring that essential and beneficial characteristics are passed on. This inspired our garden and… Read More


Six Points Theater

The Minnesota Jewish Theatre began in 1994 and has become nationally recognized as the preeminent independent professional theater in the United States rooted in Jewish history and culture. The idea of creating a theater for the community — Jewish and non-Jewish alike — would learn to share and find the… Read More



Restaurants are all about the experience. From your marketing to your menu to your main courses, your restaurant branding communicates to people who you are and what to expect from you. The taste of the food, the attitude of the staff, and the decor’s style all need to work together… Read More


The Move For Good

In 2020, amidst a global pandemic, our clients felt this was the right time to launch their version of a fitness company to help people discover and maintain a healthy lifestyle. With over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, they resigned from their… Read More



A 38-year-old organization, Preservation Alliance of Minnesota (PAM), expanded beyond preservation into an organization that celebrates the arts and events in communities and the emerging entrepreneurs who use commercial buildings in rural communities. It was time for a new name and identity that better reflected who they had become. The… Read More



The team behind Laka Coolers had a great product without a name or brand. We helped define their strategy and brought to life the spirit of Laka: That the everyday adventurer needs a cooler with a different degree of quality, price and design. A cooler that doesn’t break the bank,… Read More



Henry Schein Dental was ready to launch a new product that would shake up the clear aligner industry. Their target audiences? Sales reps, general dentists across the nation and consumers. They needed a brand identity, communication strategy and all print and digital launch materials. That’s where we came in. Read More

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